What is Heat Not Burn?

Heat not burn products also named Heated tobacco products. A heated tobacco product (HTP) heats up tobacco using a battery-powered heating system. While heating, it generates an aerosol that is inhaled, which may contains nicotine, smoke, tar, and other chemicals and particles.

Heated tobacco products also contain additives not found in tobacco, and are frequently flavored. They heat tobacco leaves at approximately 250–350 °C (500 °F), a lower temperature than traditional cigarettes. To deliver nicotine from tobacco leaf, heated tobacco products use an embedded or external heat source, or a heated sealed chamber. Some use product-specific customized cigarettes.

heated tobacco products are not electronic cigarettes, hybrids of HTPs and e-cigarettes can make use of both tobacco and e-liquid. There are various types of heated tobacco products, as well as similar devices that use cannabis.

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