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Pluscig V2

The Pluscig V2 is Pluscig’s first generation product with pin type heater. and with a built-in 650mah/900mah battery, it can be used continuously for about 10 heating sticks with sufficient power.

Heater cover

The heater cover is made of environmentally friendly heat-insulating materials and has a good heat-insulating effect. This can prevent the user from accidentally getting burned during use.

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Ceramic pin type heater

The ceramic heater makes the heating effect very good, evenly heating, not easy to break, easy to clean.

Protection functions

Low voltage protection, to prevent battery over discharged, when red light flashed 8 times, it showslow voltage, please recharge the battery;
Short circuit protection, Short circuit occurred, thered LED light will flash and tank will stop working.There are over current, over voltage, over chargeprotection and power off protection when charging.

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pluscig V2 packing contents

Kit includes

1 x Pluscig V2 Body
1 x User manual
1 x Charging Cable
1 x Silicon Ring
1 bag Cotton swabs