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Pluscig C10

The Pluscig C10 is the third generation HNB device,it has precise temperature regulation (± 5 Celsius per click) function, Range from 200~350 celsius!
3000mAH high-capacity battery, support 40 heatsticks with full power. It can be adapted to IQ*S third generation heatsticks – Ter*a (which has a built-in metal part).

pluscig C10


Model: Pluscig C10
battery capacity: 3500mAh
Heating time: The Default time is 210s, Adjustable range is 180~360s
Size: 106*30*22mm
Charge cable: Type -C
Material: Aluminum
Protection: Low Voltage Protection/ Over Charging Protection/ Short Circuit Protection
Colors: black, iron gray, luxury gold,purple
Weight: 92.5g

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